ORIGIN: Russia

Character Voiced By: Kenichi Morozumi

Fighting Style: Combat Sambo

Age: 26

Height: 190 cm (6' 3")

Weight: 89 kg (195 lbs)

Occupation: Military Special Forces

Sergei Dragunov was introduced in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, and has returned to every subsequent games.

Extremely ruthless when dealing with his motherland's enemies, Dragunov was dubbed, "The White Angel of Death", for not only his fighting prowess, but also for his frightening presence within battle. Well feared, Dragunov was part of Russia's Special Operations unit, or SPETSNAZ, and could utilize not only his Sambo skills, but also multiple types of firearms such as guns loaded with tear gas, and even grenades. He loyally follows his orders and carries them out without hesitation. Prior to the appearance of an unknown entity, Dragunov was constantly at odds with Raven, during one of their battles, Dragunov would wound Raven, causing the man to have the cross shaped scar on his face. His frightening reputation was even mentioned by Zafina, hinting a previous encounter between the two. Eventually, Dragunov enters the fifth tournament in order to find the mysterious entity sighted by his leaders, but comes up short. With the Mishima Zaibatsu waging war against the world, Dragunov was sent to apprehend its leader, Jin Kazama.

Incredibly stoic, Dragunov will almost never show emotion, but this does not deter him from snarking over Raven's mistakes. As a fearsome soldier, Dragunov has incredible perception skills, as well as an extremely professional and intimidating presence. He is most well-known for his incredible silence, not speaking a single word of dialogue to nearly every character. One thing that has characterized Dragunov well is his ongoing rivalry with Raven. The two have fought long and hard against each other, and the two are very well bitter against the other's tactics.